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Words with Friends

A week ago, my cousin introduced me to Words with Friends. She had been playing on her iPhone and, it turns out, an Android version had recently become available.

I was hooked in about 10 minutes.

Within a week, I discovered this new Android version is little more than a beta release. It force-closes constantly. And, during active play, within a minute, my first-generation Droid is hot and it eats my battery life worse than any other app I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been known to spend a considerable amount of time every day talking, tweeting, Google Talking, Facebooking, and texting, and still have used only, at most, 50% of the battery by the end of the day – which, generally, is around 16 to 17 hours for me. In fact, usually, I only use about 30% of my battery in the course of a day.

So, this poses the question – do I continue to use the app? I’m addicted to the game at this point, but do I really want to risk complete battery drainage when I drive home from work at 11:00 at night? Or do I wait to see if they have a more stable release?

Decisions, decisions.

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I’ll Drink What I Want, Thank You

A lot of things bother me. I tweet about them occasionally, but overall I tend to stay quiet, at least in mixed company, because I respect other people’s opinions and try not to push my own. I’m a “live and let live” kinda guy.

That’s probably why it raises my blood pressure considerably whenever I hear about truly wrong things. And I’ve heard a couple of stories in the past two months that really bug me. Well, in fact, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately that irritate me, but I’m going to focus on these tonight.

I really dislike when school districts decide they know better than parents. Maybe because school districts – at least, public ones – are government institutions, and I don’t think the government should try to run my day-to-day life, either.

For example, a local school district has banned soda from their school. That doesn’t just mean vending machines or anything like that. It means it’s not allowed to be packed in lunches from home, either. And not because they think soda cans are too sharp or some other such nonsense which might at least be somewhat justifiable. It’s because soda is “unhealthy,” and the school has decided they have the right to prevent you from drinking it, even if your parents are okay with it.

And that means, if you take it into the school, they can snatch it out of your lunchbox like they did to a girl my family knows, embarrassing her in front of everyone by making a loud announcement that she had brought this horrible contraband into the school. And it wasn’t even a regular can. It was one of those mini-cans. And she didn’t normally bring it, but her mother, who usually packs her lunch, was away, so her father packed it and thought he would give her a little, basically harmless treat.

This isn’t cocaine. It’s not beer. It is a perfectly legal and even moral beverage. Maybe you can justify not selling it on school grounds, but where do you get off telling me that I can’t send it with my child?

In a different school district, another child my family knows took a Twinkie or Doritos or something along those lines (I admit, I can’t remember what), and he, too, was chastised publicly by a teacher who confiscated it. And, let’s face it, the teacher probably then proceeded to eat it in the lounge.

Don’t tell me what I can and cannot eat. Or what my kids can and cannot eat. I decide that. Not you. You don’t have the right to decide that.

I admit, I don’t eat very healthily, and that’s my right. And that’s because, no matter how hard I try – and I do try – the taste of healthy things tend to make me sick. I do, at least, try to eat in moderation. It’s not easy, and I struggle with it. But it’s my choice. And what worries me is how our choices seem to be disappearing quickly.

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