I started writing when I was 4 or 5 years old, and I sucked. A lot. Like, Hoover-strength suckage. I’m talking titles such as “The Care People,” which was a takeoff on the Care Bears, but with — you guessed it — people with glowing shapes on their stomachs. But, hey, I was 4. I was lucky to even be able to read well.

But I kept writing, and eventually I started to suck a little bit less. My titles developed into “The Treehouse Gang,” which was an homage to one of my favorite childhood book series, “The Boxcar Children.” Then they became superheroes. Then I delved into sci-fi before I ultimately found my true love — fantasy. Urban and suburban fantasy, to be specific, which is where I stand now. But that’s not the purpose of this blog.

This blog is pretty much as random as they come. It may be political one day and entertainment-fluffy the next. I may have other contributors at some point, and I may even start a podcast of some sort. I suppose it just depends on how bored I get.

I have only one rule — if you disagree with me, that’s your right. If you’re respectful about it, I probably won’t delete your comments. If you’re a jerk, you’re gone. Why? ‘Cause it’s my blog.


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