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Words with Friends

A week ago, my cousin introduced me to Words with Friends. She had been playing on her iPhone and, it turns out, an Android version had recently become available.

I was hooked in about 10 minutes.

Within a week, I discovered this new Android version is little more than a beta release. It force-closes constantly. And, during active play, within a minute, my first-generation Droid is hot and it eats my battery life worse than any other app I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been known to spend a considerable amount of time every day talking, tweeting, Google Talking, Facebooking, and texting, and still have used only, at most, 50% of the battery by the end of the day – which, generally, is around 16 to 17 hours for me. In fact, usually, I only use about 30% of my battery in the course of a day.

So, this poses the question – do I continue to use the app? I’m addicted to the game at this point, but do I really want to risk complete battery drainage when I drive home from work at 11:00 at night? Or do I wait to see if they have a more stable release?

Decisions, decisions.

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