The Unexpected Positive Side of Being Sick

I’ve no idea if this will make sense to anyone else, but it’s something I’ve thought for quite a few years now, starting in my senior year of high school.

That was the first (and currently only, knock on wood) time I’ve ever had the flu. And, while I was miserable for a few days, I found myself realizing something rather curious afterward.

I’d spent those few days wrapped in a blanket, in my bed or on the couch watching TV, slipping in and out of consciousness. And at the end of those few days, when I started feeling better, I noticed that I felt more relaxed and rested than I could remember feeling for quite some time.

So, almost every time I’ve been sick since then, I’ve noticed the same thing. Obviously I feel terrible during and would much prefer not to be sick, but I usually come out of it feeling re-energized.

And I’ve tried to figure out why that is. Obviously, there’s the physical aspect, wherein we’re usually sleeping or at least relatively immobile. But I think there’s also a mental side of things. Regardless of what crappy stuff might be going on in my life, I tend not to worry about it while I’m sick. All I care about is…not being sick. And that break in worrying about day-to-day life, I think, recharges my brain a little bit.

Case in point, I just had a three-day weekend, starting Friday. I had plans to go out to dinner Friday night. But I woke up that morning with the same stomach bug my mother had just gone through a couple days prior, so I spent the day watching TV and not eating much of anything. I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend. And now that it’s Monday and I have to go back to work this evening, while I’m extremely disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy dinner with one of my best friends on Friday and now may not get to spend any time with her until after Christmas, I almost don’t mind that it’s time to go back to work. (Almost, of course. I’d much rather be independently wealthy and retired at 26. Well, duh. But at least I mostly love my job.)

Plus, I lost a couple pounds and didn’t have to kill myself on the treadmill to do it. I also didn’t have to call in sick for work, since I’d already had the day off scheduled. Gotta look for the good, right?

Being sick sucks, obviously. I’m by no means saying I enjoy it. Some people have told me I’m crazy whenever I mention this, but does anyone else kinda get what I’m saying here?

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