“Deathly Hallows, Part One”

Let’s just get it out of the way right now. “Deathly Hallows, Part One” was epic! Ep-ic! Almost everyone I know who’s seen it agrees, though one of my friends has referred to it as “disappointing.” I certainly don’t get that at all. I thought it was well-paced, and I definitely wanted more at the end. They did a fantastic job setting up part two.

But I’m not really going to review it here. If you saw it, you know how it went. If you didn’t, you either don’t care or intend to see it later. So, instead, I’m going to tell you about the insanity surrounding my day.

When I went to see “Order of the Phoenix” the first time, I wound up sick about 10 minutes in and had to leave. That day was one of the sickest days of my life, so I was miserable. I ultimately wound up seeing it a few weeks later. So, when I went to see “Half-Blood Prince,” I was a tad worried something else would go wrong. Fortunately, that one worked out fairly well, if I recall correctly.

Today, however, was incredibly strange. On the way to the theater, we ran into traffic on the highway twice, the second time so bad that we got off and took the side roads. That was the first sign that today would be odd.

After we got to the mall – considerably early, since we weren’t sure what the crowd would be like – we killed a little time doing some shopping, then, as we returned a bag to the car, we saw three fire engines in the parking lot, one of which was just driving up and down each lane of parking spaces. We have no idea what they were doing. Then, suddenly, two of them turned their lights on and left the parking lot, only to return a bit later.

Anyways, when the line started to form, we jumped in it. I’d bought tickets online, but I still had to exchange my voucher for real tickets, which resulted in a half-hour wait outside in not the warmest of weather. Behind me, one guy received a phone call informing him that one of his friends had hit the lottery for $1.7 million. I really need to play the lottery occasionally.

Finally, the box office opened at 12:30, and the line started to move. I got my tickets and we headed inside.

As we entered our screen, the lighting was really dim, almost totally dark, and we could barely see our way up the steps to the top, where we prefer to sit. Literally, it threw my equilibrium off so badly that I almost fell repeatedly, and I felt dizzy for several minutes after we’d sat down. I’ve seen a number of movies, and that’s never happened to me before.

The movie started normally, but around an hour in (in the middle of the scene where they apparate into the woods), the screen suddenly burst into bright orange, almost looking like flames, and went black. The projector had malfunctioned.

It took 20 minutes for them to announce that the projector was screwed up (no kidding!), and they said they hoped to have it back shortly, otherwise we’d receive vouchers for free tickets. Personally, I think we should’ve gotten the free tickets anyway, as it was about half an hour before the movie finally resumed, only to go black again about a minute later.

I thought that would be the nail in the coffin, that they’d have to stop so that they could have it fixed in time for the next showtime, which I assumed they wouldn’t want to delay so long. I was wrong, and a few minutes later, the movie resumed again, and played normally for the remainder.

After we got out of the movie, we went to an in-mall restaurant to eat what turned out to be very blah, almost tasteless food (but an awesome dessert), and I managed to make a fool out of myself several times to a very cute waitress. Whatever. I’m used to looking like an idiot.

As we were leaving, I slid out of the booth and managed to slam my right knee rather hard into the pole holding the table up. I saw stars and limped to the car.

When we were almost home, we drove through a significant amount of smoke and briefly worried it was coming from the direction of our houses, but we ultimately found no source for it. It was almost a relief to get home.

When I got in the house, I changed clothes, noting the rather nice bruise on my knee, not to mention the decent-sized bump.

Seeing “Harry Potter” shouldn’t be so crazy. But it was worth it, because it was easily the best movie I’ve seen this year. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson kind of made the movie – I’ve always liked Ron and Hermione a bit more than Harry. I was disturbed by the number of parents who took young children (like, 4 years old) to a movie that was clearly not made for children (and common sense should’ve told them that).

Side note: I was rather surprised by the amount of skin in the movie. It didn’t bother me, mind you (I’m a bit of a prude, but I’m not that prudish). It just surprised me. And I’m pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe deserves the “most shirtless appearances in a single movie” award.

But, anyways, excellent movie, for sure. Possibly my favorite in the series. My aunt (who loves Harry Potter almost as much as I do and who accompanies me to all the movies) shocked me by suggesting that we go to the midnight premiere of part two – in character! She wants to dye her hair purple and go as Tonks. I’m most definitely in! Whether or not it’ll actually happen remains to be seen, but I’ll post pictures if we do.

My final thought? Go see it. Now. Or I’ll use the Imperius curse and make you!

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