TV update

We’ve reached November sweeps, so I figured I’d post an update on what I’m still watching (and what I’ve started watching) after the first couple months of the season.

Monday night is still all about “The Event.” I find the story more and more engrossing – and much easier to follow, I might add. “Hawaii Five-O,” though, didn’t manage to keep my interest. I abandoned it after the pilot.

On Tuesday, “No Ordinary Family” is still freakin’ awesome. It’s possibly my favorite new show of the season. I never wound up giving “Glee” a chance. It just…doesn’t interest me, I guess. I tend to watch genre shows.

My first casualty of the season was Wednesday night’s “The Undercovers.” I watched several episodes, but I soon found myself just not caring at all. Apparently, I’m not the only one, as I hear it’s been canceled. After a slightly rocky start, though, I think “Modern Family” is totally back in form and definitely my current favorite comedy.

Thursday brings us to the other contender for favorite new series – “Nikita.” I am so seriously addicted to this show. Maggie Q is by far one of the sexiest women on television, and, really, the entire cast is gorgeous. I can’t say enough good things about “Nikita.” Watch it.

And Friday is, of course, “Smallville” night. Seriously, this season is so good. They know it’s ending, so they’re giving it a heckuva good send-off. I have fantasies about a “Metropolis” spin-off, but I know that’s not gonna happen.

Other shows I thought I might go back to but never did include “Fringe” and “The Amazing Race.”

But a surprise new favorite, which I didn’t really know anything about till a few days before it premiered, is AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” The first episode had me cringing a bit – I only rarely watch graphically violent shows – but I’m getting used to it. The story is awesome. I’ve never been big into zombies (with the exception of “Zombieland” and “Shaun of the Dead”), but this could convert me. The story has real heart. The violence is secondary.

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