Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Every October, I spend at least part of my weekends watching scary movies, though what qualifies as scary for me is probably tame by most “true horror” fans. Here’s a list of my favorites.

10. The Faculty. Before Elijah Wood was Frodo the hobbit (but after he was Huck Finn), he was a somewhat nerdy high-school student at the lead of a group of teens trying to save the world from an alien invasion.

9. Urban Legend. I always thought this was a clever idea. Sure, the later entries into the series weren’t as strong, but the first deserves a slot among the better ‘90s teen slasher flicks.

8. Joy Ride. I never saw this until last year. Initially, I didn’t think I would like it, but it turned out to be pretty entertaining with some decent touches of humor.

7. The Lost Boys. This probably is more of an action dark comedy than a “scary” movie, but it’s always on my list of must-watches for October. It probably deserves a higher spot on my list, too.

6. Disturbia. I always loved “Rear Window” (which would also be on my list, but I don’t really consider it scary, though masterfully suspenseful). “Disturbia” doesn’t really become a horror film until the last act, but it’s enough to make it onto my list.

5. Zombieland/Shaun of the Dead. These two tie for me, and are the only two zombie comedies I’ve ever seen. (I’m not sure how many others there are, to be honest.) I absolutely love them both, and they’d also be included on my list of favorite comedies, were I to ever make one.

4. Nightmare on Elm Street. I like the entire series as a whole, including its weaker entries. My favorites, though, are the original (obviously), “New Nightmare,” and “Freddy vs. Jason,” which was my first exposure to both the Freddy and Jason stories. Jason Ritter, who I mentioned in an earlier blog about “The Event,” is a favorite of mine, and he sold me on “Freddy vs. Jason,” which in turn sold me on the “Nightmare” series. I also enjoyed the reboot of the series. I never did get into “Friday the 13th,” but I do still watch it when it’s on AMC.

3. Cursed. It’s probably not mentioned very often among a list of favorites, but this movie is like my Kryptonite. Any time it’s on, I have to watch it, and I also watch the DVD several times a year. Jesse Eisenberg kinda makes this movie for me, maybe because he plays a bit of a high-school geek who suddenly gets superstrong and is able to kick some bully butt (a dream of mine when I was in high school).

2. Halloween. How can you not love Michael Myers?! This is another series in which I enjoy most entries (pretending, of course, that “Halloween III” doesn’t exist), my favorites being “Halloween,” “Halloween II,” and “Halloween H20,” though the fourth and fifth entries are also enjoyable. Unlike the “Nightmare” reboot, though, I don’t particularly enjoy the updated version of this series.

1. Scream. I blogged all about my love for this movie a while back, so I won’t take up too much space this time around. It’s the first horror movie I ever saw, and I still watch it several times a year. Check out my earlier post to read my full take on it.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe and have fun!

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