I Need a Hero

Goose bumps. That’s what I have after watching the season premiere of “Smallville.” Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

It’s well-known that this is the last season of the show, so Clark’s transformation into Superman is expected to reach its climax. Considering his mother sent him the costume in last season’s finale (we only see the reflection in Clark’s eye), and in the premiere we see it twice directly, first when Lois opens the box and later on a mannequin in a sort of ice cabinet in the Fortress of Solitude, I think that’s pretty much a given. And that, my friends, is why I have the aforementioned goose bumps.

I’ve never followed comics, so my knowledge of the Superman mythos is limited mainly to the movies and “Lois and Clark,” which I loved as a child. Rumor has it Darkseid is the villain this season, and I have literally no clue who he is. But apparently he’s a “great evil.” With a name like Darkseid, who would’ve guessed?

So, Lois knows that Clark’s The Blur. I’m rather torn on this particular development. Obviously, she’s not supposed to find that out so soon, since Lois is supposed to have a relationship with Superman, not just The Blur. Then again, I think it’s necessary, because she’s known pre-glasses Clark for too long. The disguise simply wouldn’t fool her. (Suspending disbelief here and pretending the glasses would fool anyone.)

I find myself wondering what Chloe’s ultimate fate will be. Chloe Sullivan was created specifically for the show, and characters from the future have already acknowledged that while they know all about Clark and Lois, they have no idea who Chloe is, so clearly she’s not a part of his life in the future. She kind of has to be gone by the end. And trading herself for Oliver’s freedom seems to be one step in that direction, as is her whisper of “Goodbye, Clark,” after he zips away. It’s confirmed that Allison Mack will only be appearing in limited episodes this season. I adore Chloe, but I also want her to be gone. I just hope they do it well. Seeing as she’s been a faithful cast member, I think they will. (Side note: Chloe may be Mack’s best-known role, but I’ll always remember her from a cute Dolly Parton made-for-TV Christmas movie called “Unlikely Angel.”)

Lex’s old clone? Not my favorite part of the episode, but I think that’s mainly because I miss Michael Rosenbaum. Seeing as they intend to bring Lex back again, which is only appropriate given his major role in the Superman mythology, I sincerely hope they can get Rosenbaum back. The young Lex didn’t bother me at all, though, and I’m anxious to see what Tess intends to do with him. I like her character, so I’m hoping they end things with her coming to the light. She’s clearly not evil. I think her intentions are noble, but her methods? Not so much.

But thanks to Old-Man-Lex, I got to see what I’ve been waiting for since the start of the show. Clark Kent flew, baby! That’s the part that had me cheering out loud as I watched from my treadmill. (It’s a great treadmill show, I might add.) I was literally shouting, “Come on, Clark, fly! You can fly, man!” And he did! Gah!

I also had a serious fanboy moment when Jonathan appeared at the end, even though I knew he was in the episode, and apparently John Schneider will be making more appearances throughout the season. They’d better get Annette O’Toole back for at least one, as well. Couldn’t care less if they have a Lana moment, though. Actually, I hope they don’t. Never liked her in the first place.

I don’t have much to say about Oliver. I like him, even enjoy him, but I’ve never really cared about him. I think my favorite scenes come when he and Tess are playing off of each other, and I think my ultimate hope would be for them to wind up together. But only when Tess finally starts redeeming herself. But maybe I’m crazy there. I just never really preferred his relationship with Chloe, maybe because I have theories on Chloe’s fate and don’t expect she and Oliver can be together in the end.

Word is that Lois Lane’s mother will make an appearance this season, as well, even though I believe she’s dead. As I doubt she’ll be making a post-mortem appearance like Jonathan, I assume it will be in flashback or something along those lines. And who’s supposedly playing her? Only Teri Freaking Hatcher! (Yes, that’s her full legal name.) Talk about another fanboy moment! Can we get Dean Cain in here somehow, too, and make my life complete?

So, yeah, this was one of the best season premieres ever, in my opinion, of any show, complete with references to the past and glimpses of the future. I love that “Smallville” knows it’s coming to an end. Too many fantastic shows don’t get a proper send-off. (“Angel,” anyone? Or “Sarah Connor Chronicles”? Or “Joan of Arcadia”?) I have the utmost faith in its producers, and I think they’re going to send it off with a bang, possibly even a Hiroshima-style explosion. And I’ll definitely be on the edge of my seat.


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