I Finally Get It

My, how this is a year of evolution for me. Less than 365 days ago, the mere thought of me attending a baseball game would have been nauseating, even laughable. I hate sports, always have. In my entire life, I’ve never attended a single sporting event – professional, school, or otherwise. I’ve had no interest, no desire. I was against the entire principle of sports. After all, athletes are overpaid, school athletics programs often overshadow academics, and riots can even break out over the results of what is ultimately just a game.

So imagine my surprise when I was invited to a baseball game and I actually found myself saying yes.

And if that wasn’t enough, picture my shock when I actually really, really enjoyed it.

Yes, that’s right, I finally understand why people like sports – at least in person. Because I was cheering, screaming, shouting, hoping, and singing right along with all the other fans. Granted, these were the Pittsburgh Pirates, so we really didn’t expect our hopes to be answered. But it was the environment, the atmosphere that really got to me.

I’m not sure what I thought an event like this would be, once upon a time. I think I expected insane fans, long lines, drinks being spilled on me, and other general unpleasantness.

What I found instead was excitement, entertainment, food, and – yes – just plain fun. People always told me that, even if I don’t enjoy watching such things on TV, being there is entirely different. And that, I see, is indeed true. Now I’m even planning on going to a Penguins game this season. (Though I admit, I’ve had a bit more interest in hockey the past few years due to a friend’s obsession with the game, so going to a hockey game is slightly less out of character for me.)

Plus, I got some great pictures, some of which I stitched into this awesome panorama (which is also, at the time of writing this, my header). Click to see it full size (very large).

So, hell froze over, pigs flew, I went to a baseball game and enjoyed it, and the Pirates actually won! A day of insanity, indeed. 😀

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4 responses to “I Finally Get It

  • Kaitlyn in Bookland

    Yay! I don’t care if they are horrible, I love the Pirates anyway. Glad you had fun. Did you start the wave (or even do it)? Cause that would be awesome. One time, my best friend and I put lunch boxes on our heads as rally caps and started the wave. I’m sort of obsessed with sports though, so that could be why. I am a state champion, after all. You’ll love the Penguins game too–will you be going to a Steelers game as well?

    • Nathan

      No, we did not do the wave. My cousins would probably have killed me, as they are slightly less geeky than I (though I did sing the “Reading Rainbow” theme with one of them on the walk back to the car). Honestly, I have little to no interest in attending a football game. Besides, those fans scare me the most! Ha! Though I will, at least, watch the Super Bowl every year, mostly for the commercials.

  • Briana

    Whoa, sir. Hockey fans are far more horrifying in my mind than football fans. Perhaps because I am one. We’re nice people, we just drink a little too much to stay warm 😉

    I also learned to like football because I was in marching band in high school and had nothing else to do on a Friday night. High school football remains my favorite type of football, it’s so pure…as cheesy as that sounds.

  • Jaime

    I didn’t know your camera did panoramic photos! Great shot!

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