My Favorites: Steven Spielberg Presents “Taken”

I was talking to @KaitorTot (holla!) on Twitter a few days ago, and I mentioned one of my favorite miniseries of all time. Then I decided to start a series of blogs about some of my favorite movies and TV shows. This is the first. Whoo!

Steven Spielberg Presents “Taken” aired back in 2002 when Syfy was still called Sci-Fi, when they weren’t worried about marketing or a brand name and just called themselves what they were. It had a run of 10 two-hour parts and aired over two weeks.

“Taken” has one of the most detailed, planned-out storylines I’ve ever seen. Starting in Roswell in 1947 and continuing through the then-present, it spans four generations of three different families — two of whom encounter and are abducted by aliens, and one family that spends their lives hunting the abductors and abductees alike.

The Keys’ family story starts with Russell, who has nightmares of being abducted. With his life a mess, his marriage fails, and years later he discovers his son, Jesse, is also being taken when they encounter each other on the same alien ship.

The Clarke family story begins with Sally, who harbors one of the Roswell aliens (in human form) in her home. The alien impregnates her then…well…takes off.

Captain Owen Crawford discovers the crashed Roswell saucer and is eventually put in charge of a top-secret organization that studies the aliens’ visits to earth, as well as the mysterious implants the aliens place in people and what their endgame could be.

Interesting side note: Dakota Fanning narrates the miniseries throughout and appears in the final two parts. She was just a youngun back then.

10 two-hour parts may seem daunting, but it’s a fast-paced ride, and I watch it about twice a year. I can usually polish it off in a weekend. Wonderfully cast, beautifully filmed to match the era of each episode, and superbly written, I highly recommend it if you enjoy science fiction.

You can buy Steven Spielberg Presents “Taken” on Amazon.


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