The Versatile Blogger Award

A little while back, Briana over at Twenty-Something passed on the Versatile Blogger award to me. ‘Tis my first award, and I’m honored, so I’ve been thinking about what to post ever since. I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then give the award to fifteen other blogs.

So, seven things about myself…

  1. I used to read so much, easily three or four novels a month, but since I started working about six years ago, the amount I read has decreased considerably. When I come across a book I love – such as anything Harry Potter – I can burn through it right quick (I read “Deathly Hallows” in around seven or eight hours). But now I’m lucky if I read one book a month.
  2. I’m a mama’s boy. That’s right, I said it. We disagree about a great many things, and we’ve had our share of arguments, but my mother is easily one of my best friends. We share a sense of humor, even if our interests are considerably different (she’s never read even a single sci-fi or fantasy novel, for example).
  3. I watch way, way, way too much TV. Probably around 50 hours a week. Much of it is reruns of shows like “Friends,” and a lot of it is food-based reality TV, like “Cake Boss” and “Chopped.” And I thank God for the people who came up with “Leverage” and “Burn Notice.”
  4. I didn’t go to college, and sometimes I deeply regret that, while at other times I’m so glad. I have a job that I love, and most of my co-workers do have degrees (and hefty student loans). So I’m proud that I’m doing what they’re doing.
  5. I have a dream of being a writer. I’ll certainly never be as talented as JK Rowling (may she live forever), but I like to think I can tell a story at least as well as Stephenie Meyer. I’ll I’ve had a book in my head for years and I finally started writing it back in January. I’m around 160 pages in, and I figure it’ll be 300 when I’m done. The problem is, I go through writing spurts, where I’ll write 30-40 pages in a week, then won’t be in the mood for like a month. Maybe I’ll post a brief excerpt of what I’m writing sometime soon.
  6. This is the worst year of my life. It sucks in so many ways. It’s full of fear and uncertainty and awkwardness. My future could be terrible.
  7. This is the best year of my life. I’ve learned so much about myself and finally started to figure out who I really am. I have a real social life. I like myself for the first time…well, ever. My future could be fantastic.

And now I’m supposed to pass this on to fifteen blogs. And that’s a bit of a problem, since I read very few, and the few that I do have already received it. There was a time, quite a while back, when I could’ve done this easily. But I haven’t been a big blog reader in several years. So, while I feel bad accepting an award I can’t pass on like I’m supposed to, I’m still going to accept it because I’ve never really been awarded for anything. So, thank you, Briana. And everyone reading this should definitely check out her blog, if you haven’t already.

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