Show Some Class

I’m Nathan, and this is how I roll…respectfully.

I like a lot of celebrities, and I admit it. There are quite a few I’d like to meet, but thus far, I haven’t met any. (Though I do have an autographed picture of beautiful stage actress Megan Hilty displayed proudly on my wall.) More importantly, I’ve wanted to watch a movie be filmed my entire life.

A few have been filmed here in Pittsburgh. I was too young for some – “Silence of the Lambs,” “Robocop.” I was uninterested in the cast of others – “Mothman Prophecies.” But it’s still always been a dream of mine.

That said, there’s a movie filming in the area right now called “Abduction.” Its cast consists of a few people I really like – Alfred Molina, for starters, a.k.a. Dr. Octopus in “Spider-man 2.” And, more importantly, the lead is Taylor Lautner, most famous for playing Jacob Black the werewolf in the “Twilight” series. It also stars Lily Collins from “The Blind Side” and Jason Isaacs, whom I love as Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series.

This would be an incredibly cool thing to watch, and I would absolutely love to meet some of these actors and get pictures and autographs.

But they are still people. They deserve respect. Which is why I can’t for the life of me understand the mobs of girls and women who all but attack these people, Taylor Lautner specifically. I mean, to the point where police turn people away. I get that they think he’s “incredibly hot” and all, but when you’re screaming in his face and trying to tear his shirt off (assuming he’s wearing one – I mean, I have seen the “Twilight” movies), you’re not going to endear yourself to him. And if he can’t come talk to you while you’re there, chill out. He doesn’t owe it to you. He’s here working, not here to socialize.

I, myself, would like to actually have a brief conversation with these people. Their craft fascinates me. Working in the post-production end of things, I still haven’t really gotten to see (aside from DVD bonus features) the production end. I admire their work (both the cast and the crew).

Now, I have no idea if I’ll actually get to. I intend to try. The way my luck goes, I probably won’t. But it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. And if I do, I won’t be mobbing them. Won’t be fighting and clawing my way through a crowd so that I can scream in someone’s face and not actually be able to hear anything. Whether you’re 12, 20, 50, or 100, you’re still capable of respecting people.

After all, we want people to enjoy Pittsburgh, not avoid it at all costs. And if we act like we’re crazy, they won’t come back. Doesn’t mean we’re not crazy, mind you. But we don’t have to act like it.

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4th of July

I’m Nathan, and this is how my family rolls on the 4th of July.

Every year, family and friends head over to my uncle’s house for my cousin Chad’s 4th of July celebration. After several years, I can honestly say it hasn’t gotten old. Good food, good company, and the ever-entertaining wiffle-ball game. And Chad always puts on a fireworks show. Below is a slideshow of the photos I took, as well as a video. I’d intended to add music to the video, but, well, I got lazy. Anyway, enjoy! Happy 4th, everyone!




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8 responses to “Show Some Class

  • Nicole

    Agree. I want all the actors to enjoy their time in Pittsburgh. No screaming psychofans…please…this isn’t N.Y. or L.A.

  • Abby

    First off, THE only reason Taylor Lautner got the opportunity to make Abduction in Pittsburgh is because of the devotion millions of girls and women have given to the Twilight Saga and Jacob Black. Maybe he has worked hard for his good body, but he isn’t making millions of dollars because he’s Taylor Lautner, he’s making millions of dollars because he’s Jacob Black. That being said, the fans have made Taylor who he is so in my opinion, he should show gratitude to them including the mobbing little girls. His fans more than respect him they adore him more than is easily understandable and they spend every day hoping to meet him, so I agree they can get crazy, but it’s not because they don’t respect him, it’s because he’s everything to them and they just want to have a dream come true. So I think “showing class” has nothing to do with it. Showing class would mean Taylor giving back to his fans and sacrificing some of his privacy because he’s getting paid $25 million for Breaking Dawn and he’s only made five movies so far and three of those are thanks to devoted fans.

    • Nathan

      Okay, Abby, some of your points are valid, but I respectfully disagree with most of them. All actors owe gratitude to their fans; that’s a given. And of course, megastars have to sacrifice some of the privacy afforded to “regular” folks. But no fan has the right to treat any actor like an item or an object instead of a human being. Human beings have feelings. He’s here working. Doing his job. Which means he’s busy. Still, instead of relaxing like I’m sure I’d want to do in his position, he takes a lot of his limited free time to come and talk to them when they’re not acting totally insane and security won’t let him. He’s not here doing promotions or autograph signings. He does those things on his own, and he doesn’t have to when he’s here to film.

      A lack of basic manners is indeed classlessness. And screaming in someone’s face is a lack of basic manners. Trying to break through security barriers is a lack of basic manners. Not following rules that are put in place for someone’s safety, as well as for the integrity of the film, is a lack of basic manners. I don’t know where or how these people were raised, but I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to show respect (and I think my definition of respect is a little different than yours). You love him, adore him, then you shake his hand, give him a hug, kiss him on the cheek, be polite and thank him. They can tell him they want to have his babies for all I care. Just don’t try to tear his clothes off. Don’t scream at him. Talk to him.

      And I’m pretty sure they love him because he’s Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner just happened to get his break as Jacob Black. If, after a few years, he can’t prove himself in other roles, then it will be fair to say he’s loved for being Jacob Black.

      Personally, I like the guy because I think he’s a decent actor. Granted, the “Twilight” series doesn’t give him many opportunities to show that, but frankly, I don’t think any of the stars really get to show their significant acting talent in that series. Nor do I care, because I still like them and think they fit the roles quite well. Kristen and Dakota are fantastic actresses, but you can’t really see that in “Twilight,” either. And you’re not supposed to. These characters are iconic and already defined within the books before they hit the screen.

      Of course, I’m also a 26-year-old guy. I’m not really the screaming-teenybopper demographic. But no matter what age I’ve been, and no matter who the star was, I would still not act like that. I might freak out afterwards, of course, but before and during, I’d treat them with dignity. And that’s what I mean by showing some class.

  • Briana

    Thank you.

    I’ve been to filming and I actually said something similar on, because I’m so fed up with the way people are behaving.
    Yes, he sacrifices a part of his privacy, but at the same time, we need to put ourselves in his shoes. He got mobbed and pinned against his car last Monday. Girls chased after his car on Thursday. These all took place in the street. Where fans and Taylor alike could get struck by a car and die. Yes, that’s worst case scenario, but security is trying to avoid worst case scenario and by blatantly defying them, you’re a jackass. Frankly.

    All I know is that, I’d hate to be pinned against a car. I’d hate to always have 20 people stalking my “house.” I’d hate to have anyone screaming nonsense in my face. He’s a saint for coming out at all while he’s here, because it really is his decision and no one else’s. Don’t get mad because he’s worked an obscenely long day and would rather go to bed than sign autographs. Don’t get mad that he didn’t come out because maybe his manager isn’t allowing him to.

    Don’t be stupid. A lot of people are and I wish they’d just stop, because I’d honestly like to talk to the guy.

    PS. Let’s be real: he’s making millions of dollars because he has a banging body and he works hard (on his body and his talent).

  • Janet

    I agree Nathan. It’s his work place. Show some manners and patience so that he can get his work done. He has ALWAYS been gracious to his fans; he gives them credit for his career. But he is still getting paid to WORK not spend all day signing autographs. And he is only 18, it’s a bit overwhelming at that age seeing a big mob of people out of control waiting for you. Even if it’s your fans. Just show some class, follow the rules, he will come bye when he gets the chance. Fans at the movie site are also representing all of us other fans to the media. I don’t want the media saying ALL Taylor Lautner fans are crazy with no manners.

  • Abby

    I agree as adults, people should know not to break through barriers and scream in people’s faces, but I think it’s a little much to ask preteen and younger aged girls to “show some class”. As an adult you should be able to control yourself and your hormones, but asking a young girl not to get excited about their favorite thing (aka Twilight stars) is asking absurdly too much. Taylor gets mobbed everywhere he goes in the world like any Hollywood heartthrob, it’s not just Pittsburgh and it’s got nothing to do with “class”, people act differently when they are excited and when they are in large groups of other excited people. I just think it’s rude to tell young girls not too go crazy over him or they make his life harder, but they also make him the big bucks so I think it’s hypocritical to say his fans want too much from him when they give him his salary and life of luxury. Also, these girls have gone far less crazy than many of the stories Taylor has told in interviews and other places around the entire world he’s gone, so I think the assessment of the girls in Pittsburgh is unfair compared to the rest of his fans in general.

  • Abby

    Not too mention, as far as I know no one has ripped his clothes off him or injured him in anyway.

    • Nathan

      I wasn’t referring just to people’s reactions over Taylor. I was referring to the general mentality of people reacting to mega-stars all over the place, and, yes, people have indeed tried to rip stars’ clothes off. And I do think it’s realistic to ask girls — even pre-teen girls — to keep themselves in check. I was a pre-teen once, too — albeit a boy, not a girl — and I never acted like that. And even into my teen years and adulthood, I’ve also managed not to drink alcohol or do drugs or go to crazy parties or have indiscriminate encounters. Have I made mistakes? Of course. Some of them were even huge. But I wasn’t out in public acting like an idiot.

      All I’m saying is, there’s a difference between excitement and craziness. Find the line, stay on the right side of it. It’s not complicated. And “mob mentality” isn’t an excuse. And maybe, just maybe, their parents should be there to help keep them reasonably sane. Just a thought.

      I also never said people here are worse than in other places. I’m sure he’s encountered far worse than the fans in Pittsburgh. But just because they’re not AS crazy doesn’t mean they aren’t acting a little TOO crazy at times.

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